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Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Hartford & Surrounding Areas

Have you been injured on the job? You might be entitled to workers' compensation from your employer. The Law Office of Wein & Palermo, LLC has workers' compensation lawyers that will defend your rights. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with a worker's compensation attorney. Our law office is convenient to clients in West Hartford, Waterbury, New Britain, Southington, East Hartford, Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Bristol, and Plainville.

What is Workers' Compensation and How Does it Work in Hartford CT?

In an ideal world, workers' compensation rules and laws protect the employees in cases of injury on the job. No matter what field you work in, there is a chance of injury while at work—and this is true also in West Hartford. Workers' comp laws cover medical care, wages, rehabilitation, and eligibility for benefits. The best advice we can give is to seek out a workers' compensation attorney when you are injured. No matter how much you love your employer, these situations are not personal and you must be prepared to represent your side of the situation.

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Don't Get Pressured: Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney Today in Hartford CT

Most people have never been through filing for worker's compensation. As attorneys with 30 years of experience, we understand what your rights are. Employees should never feel pressured to make a specific decision to please their employer. You may need a workers' compensation attorney if you:

  • Have an Existing Disability
  • Have a Workplace Injury that Requires Surgery
  • Want to Work But Can't Return to Your Old Job
  • Don't Have Any Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Can't Work Regularly Due to Injury
  • Want to Dispute a Decision Made By an Employer
  • Have Been Denied Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Feel Confused by Filing for Workers' Compensation

The Law Office of Wein & Palermo, LLC is an experienced team of workers' compensation lawyers in West Hartford CT. We use our experience and knowledge to protect your rights and push for a favorable resolution of your workers' compensation claim.

Employer versus Employee: You Need a Workers' Compensation Attorney

The Law Office of Wein & Palermo, LLC stands up for you when you are injured at work. We understand workers' comp law and can defend you against resistant employers and their insurance companies.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a worker's compensation attorney. We proudly serve clients from the communities of Hartford, Newington, New Britain, Southington, Waterbury, Windsor, Bloomfield, Bristol, and Plainville.