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Personal Injury Attorneys in Hartford, CT

Have you been injured in an accident? We have 30 years of experience with personal injury cases, and we work to win your case. This difficult time should not be made worse because of poor legal advice. Let us handle your legal troubles correctly while you get well again. At our company, our personal injury lawyers give you the personal attention you deserve.

It is in your best interest to visit our personal injury law firm as soon as possible after your accident because certain complaints and charges need to be filed within a certain time period in order for them to be accepted. Let our personal injury attorneys go over the process with you and help you navigate the details of your individual case. We provide all of the information you need to know and explain in detail each step of your proceedings.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is vital that you find a lawyer immediately to help protect your rights. We work with you to determine the viability of your personal injury claim and the financial compensation you may be entitled to receive. At our law firm, our personal injury lawyers handle the following types of cases:

Rely on Our Personal Injury Attorney

Do not let extensive paperwork, confusing insurance details, or unclear legal documents keep you from getting the medical reimbursement that is rightfully yours once you have been in an accident. Our personal injury attorney has all of the skills and training necessary to help you make sense of your case and get the money that you are owed. From your first meeting with us to the court presentation of your case, we will be with you every step of the way.

Feel free to voice all of your questions and concerns during your initial consultation. Providing personal attention to your case is a key part of our roles as attorneys. In fact, we believe that personal attention is vital to client satisfaction and case success. You can also count on us to be easily accessible while we are working on your case. We understand that certain situations require immediate communication and prompt legal action, so our team makes sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Legal Services at Our Personal Injury Law Firm

You should not have to pay for another person's negligence. Get the justice and compensation you deserve by coming to our personal injury law firm. We have the skills and experience to back you up and aggressively protect your rights. Rest assured that we will do our best to bring about positive results.

Whether your case requires us to evaluate the facts of your personal injury claim or speak directly to your insurance agent, you can trust in us to complete the necessary steps. Even if your injury is the result of an automobile accident, we are here to help. At our personal injury law firm, we are up-to-date on all of the current types of insurance coverages that may be involved.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by legal procedures, come to us for a free initial consultation. These initial consultations are available to all potential clients. When you come to your first meeting, our personal injury lawyer will give you the individual attention you deserve by discussing your situation and determining if your case merits some financial compensation. He can also answer all of your questions and listen to any of your concerns.

One common issue that we encounter in personal injury cases is negligence from insurance companies or other parties that are involved in your accident. Perhaps you got injured because someone ran a red light or the neighbor’s tree fell on your home. Whatever the reason, you can receive an injury claim from your accident if it is proven that the other party was indeed being negligent.

Let Us Handle Your Personal Injury Case

Getting in an accident could cause you to lose money in a variety of ways. For example, you could lose your method of transportation or be too injured to return to work for a period of time. Restore your finances after your harmful accident by working with our personal injury lawyers. We know how important your assets are, and we want to help you replace any value you have lost.

Did you know there is a time limit for filing a personal injury complaint? Many individuals miss out on much-needed compensation because they missed the cutoff date for their claim. At our personal injury law firm, we make sure that your claim is filed on time so that you can start the process for receiving the funds that you are entitled to.

Another reason that you should put the experience of a personal injury lawyer on your side is because we put your needs first. When you are working on getting compensation from your insurance company, that company’s objective is to settle your claim quickly for as little money as possible. It can be easy to lose out on what you are really owed when you try to handle things on your own. Before you sign any agreements with your insurance company, hire us to take a look at your documents and ensure that you are receiving a fair deal.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and to speak to our personal injury attorneys about your case. We proudly serve clients from the communities of Hartford, New Britain, Newington, Southington, Waterbury, West Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Bristol, Plainville.

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